Futures Thinking in Solidarity and Action

The Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance FAST45 sharply condemns the military aggression by Russian forces against Ukraine. We are saddened by the loss of life and human suffering on both sides, inflicted by this unprovoked attack. We are especially concerned about our colleagues, artists, cultural workers, students, and academic staff of higher education institutions and their families.

FAST45 - Futures Art School Trends 2045 - envisages, maps, and promotes a future in which the arts and arts education plays an integral role in a world radically shaped and reshaped by global conflicts, the 4th industrial revolution, globalisation, and climate change.

The FAST45 project activities will critically engage with the impact of the current situation on the sector with the aim of developing future scenarios that will contribute to overcoming violence and building a more united and just future.

FAST45 is built around a shared and unbroken belief that ‘we cannot predict the future, but we can shape it'. FAST45 partners stand up for change and try to find ways to help our colleagues and express our solidarity in actions.

Exchange, research, and collaboration across borders can only flourish in freedom and peace.

Koenraad Hinnekint

FAST45 Coordinator on behalf of all partners